Oriental Rug Repair

Oriental Rug Repair Services in Kansas

Oriental Rug Repair Services: Elevate your precious rugs with the best services

Do your expensive rugs show signs of wear and tear with time? And you want to bring its old beauty and glory back to life? We welcome our valued customers to our trustworthy company, where you will find high-quality oriental rug repair services from our experienced rug cleaners.

We specialize in restoring and repairing the beauty and longevity of your precious rugs. With our expert team and years of experience in handling oriental rugs with delicate care, we also offer a range of rug repair services in Kansas personalized to your preferences.

Our Services as an Expert Oriental Rug Repair Company:

We are the well-known oriental rug repair company in the state, and we offer our top-notch services to bring your old rug’s beauty back to life. Below is the list of our offered services, which include:

  • Seam Repairs: Our skilled wavers carefully mend seams to ensure your rug maintains its structural goodness, retains its previous glory, and helps you style your house.
  • Edge Repair: worn or damaged edges can reduce the beauty of your rug. Our repair person can skillfully repair your rug’s edges to their original condition or modify them entirely if required.
  • Reweaving: Holes, tears, or missing knots can be delicately rewoven using wool or silk that perfectly matches your current oriental rug collection. This assures a seamless repair that maintains the rug’s aesthetic value.
  • Binding: Protect the edges of your rug from further wearing with a secure and professional binding. Our professionals skillfully bind the edges of your oriental rugs with proper care to avoid further damage.
  • Color Restoration: if you have an ancient artifact rug at your home, you will notice that, with time, it loses its original shine and color. Our specialists can use color-fast dyes to restore your precious rug’s original luster without harming the fibers.
  • Pet Damage Repair: Accidents happen! We can repair tears, snags, or chewed areas caused by your furry friends.

Oriental Rug Cleaning and Repair: Maintaining Beauty, Promoting Longevity

Our reputable company also offers its clients oriental rug cleaning and repairing services that will help you maintain the goodness of your artifact plus boost its longevity.

  • Deep Cleaning: Our gentle yet effective cleaning process removes filth, stains, and odors, refreshing your rug’s appearance.
  • Stain Removal: tough stains are treated with proper solutions to ensure complete removal without compromising the rug’s threads.
  • Moth Damage Repair: We handle moth damage precisely, preventing further deterioration and safeguarding your rug’s goodness.

Here’s What You Can Expect:

If you are seeking the best “Oriental rug repair me.” in Kansas don’t go any further than our trustworthy company.  At Accent Galleria, We’re proud of our dedication to excellence, and we make sure that every rug you hand us gets the best care and attention possible. Our company promises to provide the best services at affordable prices that will suit your preferences. Your satisfaction is our priority without compromising the quality.  Trust that Your precious rugs are in good hands when it comes to fixing fringes, restoring colors, or deep cleaning. Get in touch with us right away to bring your oriental rugs back to life!


How often do I need to repair my oriental rug?

It is suggested that you have your rug checked once a year for any signs of wear and tear. Fixing small problems quickly can keep them from getting worse and causing more damage.

Can I clean my oriental rug at home without getting hurt?

Regular vacuuming is good, but deep cleaning should only be done by experts so as not to damage delicate fibers or set stains.

Do you fix old oriental rugs?

Of course! Our craftsmen have a lot of experience working with old rugs and use gentle methods to keep their historical and aesthetic value.